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WFMWThis is my first time to participate in Works For Me Wednesday.  Nothing profound; but here goes.  If you want to see more ideas just click on the picture.

When my daughter went from the crib to the toddler bed we used the same mattress and bottom sheets.  I needed a light cover for her because it got cool with the AC.  I didn’t want to spend lots of money on a sheet and blanket set because I had plenty of crib sheets to fit the mattress and I knew that she wouldn’t be in that bed for a long time.

My solution was to buy a pretty flowered, flat, twin bed sheet from the thrift shop.  I then cut it into two pieces and hemmed the edges I cut.  Now I have 2 light sheets for a crib size mattress.  They have come in handy for the next baby in the crib as well.


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An Indoor Picnic

At the blog Making a House a Home the author, Mrs. U has asked for ideas. I’m posting my ideas here so I don’t leave a humongous comment.

Activity: Ladies Fellowship

Ages: All

Theme: Picnic

Place: Inside (which is the problem)

Decorations: In Mrs. U’s comment section there are lots of suggestions for baskets, fake ants, red-checked tablecloths, blankets on the floor, candles, mason jars, a red wagon, etc.

It would be great to set a couple real picnic baskets around the room or on the food table if you have access to any.

Food: Picnic food of course!  There are food suggestion in her comments also.  This is not my forte so I’m going to leave it at that.

Favors: Citronella candles from a Dollar Store, a fun plastic cup they could use and take home, some plastic ants for the little girls.

Prizes: anything picnic or outdoor related like a can of bug spray, an umbrella, a sun hat, etc. I have found that it works good to make the decorations be prizes. It serves two purposes and cuts down on clean-up and storage. If you do flowers in mason jars or something like that; they would be nice prizes.


  • I like to include a Hymn or chorus before the speaker. It’s usually possible to find one related to the theme; if not related to the theme maybe to the devotion.
  • How much does the Watermelon weigh? Kind of like “Guess the Candy in the Jar.”
  • Some stores carry plastic Horseshoes for kids to play with.  That could be turned into an inside game.
  • It’s nice to have a paper game.  You can make a matching game for about any theme.  For this theme flowers or trees might work good.  Just put the proper name on one side and a definition on the other.  Wikipedia can be a great help with definitions.  [Hint:  when playing paper games ask them to tell you when they are done.  Then if there is a tie the person that was done first is the winner.]
  • Indoor Baseball: Divide everyone into 2 teams.  Have 3 chairs set up for bases and a bat for the person “up” to hold.  The “pitcher” will ask a Bible trivia question and the person up to bat must answer correctly to go sit on first base; if they answer incorrectly they are out.  When I’ve done this I just play through each team and the one with the most points wins.  If it’s a big group just play through half of the first team then switch to play half of the second team, etc.  You can also have 3 levels of questions: an easy question for a single hit, a medium question for a double, and a hard question for a home run.
  • Group Charades without any props can be fun and include all ages.  Just write the things to be acted out on slips of paper and put them in a basket, hat, box, bag, etc.  For a picnic theme you could do outdoor activities like badminton, volleyball, rowing, fishing, napping, biking, hiking, football, eating watermelon, etc.  You will need two teams and each team will need to be divided in half; one half to act and one half to guess.  The halves can take turns guessing and acting or not.  Have a time limit for the acting; if the answer is not guessed in that time the team does not get a point.  If you think that your group would rather draw instead switch it to pictionary.  Use a chalkboard or white board and one person at a time pulls a slip from the basket and draws.
  • Guess What: Have semi-large pictures of birds, trees, leaves, or flowers to hold up in front of the group one at a time.  The first person to shout the correct answer scores one point for their team.  A wrong answer subtracts a point.
  • Door Prizes: work in any situation.

Well, those are my ideas.  Hope they make sense.  If not, feel free to ask.

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This is part 2.  Here is the link to part one.

 These are the rest of the skirts I wore this week.  I didn’t really do favorites – just the usual.  Most of my favorite skirts are winter ones; I like the fake suede and velvet skirts I have.


The yellow flowered is a work skirt.  When I needed separates for nursing after baby number three I cut down a worn dress into a skirt.  The patch pockets on it come in handy.

For church on Wed. I wore the light tan with blue flowers. 

On Friday my husband and I went shopping in the morning, I sewed through the afternoon, and in the evening we went to a kids birthday party so the green/blue skirt with pink and yellow flowers worked out well.

The navy on the right is actually one of my split skirts that I wear for biking and various other things.  It is a type of denim, but has flowers that make it more feminine. [Here’s an aside – I try to limit the number of times I wear denim.  There is nothing wrong with wearing denim.  My husband wears denim a lot; so I like to wear softer materials to be more feminine. ]

This last skirt is one of my Sunday skirts.  It is comfortable, fun, and looks nice – who can beat that!  To prove the fun part I included one of me “twirling.”


Well, it was interesting to try to remember to take the pictures of my skirts, but I don’t think I’ll do it again soon.  A couple times I “cheated” and put them back on the next day for the picture.  Kudos to my husband for being the man behind the camera.

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