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Hello!  It’s Friday once again.  Time for Show & Tell.  Kelli from There is No Place Like Home is the host, and you can visit more participants by clicking on the graphic to the left.

 Today my show and tell is my beanie baby collection.  Is it any beanie baby?  No, only the bird ones.

It’s not a huge collection – there are 22 stuffed fowl on the top of my shelf.  Most were gifts to me; I only purchased 3 for myself from a yard sale.


Yes, I like birds and they are incorporated in decorations around my house.

I think that the stuffed Ty birds are colorful and cheery.  So do my kids, but I don’t let them play with these. 😉

Thanks for visiting.


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TT Trees We, in this house, greatly enjoy eating meat.  If you are a vegetarian just skip this post.

We eat most kinds of meat besides liver and fish [if you count fish as a meat]; but we prefer good old beef and chicken.  The cheapest way to buy beef is usually ground up; therefore we eat burger quite often.  At times we have substituted ground turkey or deer with varying results.

Without further ado here is a list of 13 ways that we eat ground beef.

  1. Burgers [of course]
  2. Tacos/Enchiladas [my husband loves tacos, but I’m so-so since the last pregnancy when I couldn’t even smell them without feeling sick.]
  3. Sloppy Jo [or barbecue for some of you]
  4. Meatloaf
  5. Tator Tot Casserole [easy and everybody in the family eats it well]
  6. Stuffed Peppers
  7. The cheap kind of stroganoff – Hamburger Helper [most, not all, kinds]
  8. Meatballs [I love meatball subs!]
  9. Porcupine Balls [a different kind of meatball]
  10. Upside Down Pizza [casserole]
  11. In spaghetti sauce for spaghetti, stuffed shells, baked ziti, lasagna, etc.
  12. Hamburger Vegetable Soup
  13. Pizza Casserole with rotini noodles

The last two we will try soon; I have the recipes ready.

How about you?  Any good ground meat recipes?  I like hamloaf, but haven’t really made it myself so I didn’t count it.

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EDITED: I did a post with recipes for Porcupine balls and Tator Tot Casserole. Click here.

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Wordless Wednesday

Glad for Glass


For More Wordless Wednesdays go to the headquarters or 5 Minutes for Mom

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I have three books that I would like to give away.

  1. On November 21 I will give away Texas by Debra White Smith; four interwoven novels based in East Texas. [In good used condition] ~Arlene from Ever Joyful was the winner. ~

  2. On October 21 it will be To Catch a Thief by Cox, Harris, Mills, and Y’Barbo; about 4 Female Pinkerton Agents. [like new condition]

  3. On December 21 – Christmas Dreams by Germany, Hawkins, Jones, and Panagiotopoulos; four stories from Christmas present. [used condition]

Click on the titles for more info.

img_5948.jpgJust leave me a comment for your chance to win. You won’t have to re-enter each month. I will randomly choose someone on the 21st of each month, then e-mail the winner for mailing information before I ship the book free of charge to the winner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Callapidder Days is hosting a fall reading fest through December 21st. While I don’t need any motivation to read; I do need some motivation to “step away from the fiction.” Click on the graphic to the left to join in with us.

I thought about adding some books that I will read to the children, but that changes by the minute. We’ll go to the library and I’ll look for specific books, but the kids will pull all kinds so we will be reading lots of different things. I try to read to my children about 20 minutes a day.

So here is my list (still with some fiction):

  1. The Silent Storm by Brown and Crone (Anne Sullivan’s childhood)
  2. Desert Star by Linda Chaikin (already read the first one)
  3. Hansi The Girl Who Left the Swastika by Maria Hirschmann
  4. Ever After by Karen Kingsbury (another sequel)
  5. ‘Tis Herself by Maureen O’Hara (autobiography)
  6. Remembered by Tamera Alexander (comes after Rekindled & Revealed which I really liked)
  7. A New Day by Anita Bryant (I read her earlier autobiography so I’m curious.)
  8. Cassidy by Lori Wick (one of my favorite authors)
  9. Stars of the Twilight by Mada Scott (letters from her husband Lt. Col. C.L. Scott, an Air Force Bomber Pilot)
  10. Deadly Decore Mysteries by Ginny Aiken (Design on a Crime, Decorating Schemes, Interior Motives) Cozy mysteries
  11. Janette Oke A Heart for the Prairie by Laurel Oke Logan
  12. Fancy Pants by Cathy Marie Hake new in October
  13. The New Testament by the Lord Jesus Christ KJV 1611
  14. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
  15. The Measure of a Lady by Deanne Gist
  16. The Martha Rules by Martha Stewart 10 essentials for achieving success as you start, build, or manage a business
  17. Freedom’s Hope by Dianna Crawford (#2 in The Reardon Brothers Series)

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On my birthday in December of 1996 I received my first bouquet of roses. That day there were six petalspink sweetheart roses, mixed with baby’s breath, tied with a pink ribbon, put in a glass vase, and delivered to my door. The card said To You, From Me; and I knew right away who it was from.

It was a happy day! That bouquet selfishly stayed in my room until the petals fell from the stems. Even then I saved some of the petals. They now reside in a glass jar in my living room.

That’s my show and tell for this week. Click the Show & Tell graphic for more participants.

The guy who sent them to me? He’s my husband of nine and a half years.

P.S.  You can see a small picture of the bouquet in this post.

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TT Trees

Nasty Smells

  1. A dirty diaper
  2. Rotten tomatos
  3. Mildew
  4. Skunk
  5. Fish
  6. Sour milk
  7. A cat marking its territory
  8. New metal heating
  9. Chicken Coop
  10. When food gets in the burner
  11. Coffee
  12. Burnt Rubber
  13. Wet dog

Wonderful Smells

  1. Chocolate
  2. A new box of tea bags
  3. Pizza
  4. A just bathed baby
  5. Leather
  6. Onions frying
  7. A new book
  8. Freshly mowed grass
  9. Roses
  10. Escape cologne by Calvin Klein [my husband’s scent]
  11. Cookies/Cake baking
  12. Lavender
  13. Clean sheets dried outside in the sunshine

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WFMWIt was brought to my attention that my dinner plates have knife marks on them.  These are white Corelle plates that we have used for almost 10 years.

I did some research and tried some things.  First vinegar, then a bleach cleaner, then a soft scrub [by this time my kitchen reeked], then lastly straight bleach.  Each time I scrubbed the plates with one of those blue scouring pads attached to a sponge.  I also tried scrubbing the plates right when I put the “cleaner” on and another plate after I let the “cleaner” sit.

I was supposed to end up with sparkling plates and a good post for WFMW.


The plates are still full of marks.  This did not bother me before; I hadn’t noticed it.  I was just happy the plates were food free and ready to use.  Now, I see it all the time and think, “How could I not have noticed all those marks?”

I could probably ask for new plates for my 10th anniversary, but I have a lot of matching dishes/utensils of this set.  [About the only thing in my house that matches.]  Plus, that’s money that I’d rather have spent on a different present.

So, does anybody out there know a way for me to get these marks off?

Click the blue clipboard to see more Works-For-Me Wednesday tips.  Ones that really work.

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