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Masanutten Peak in Virginia, USA. Elevation 2920 feet

Following are excerpts from Shenandoah at War:

Confederate observers on Signal Knob at the north tip of Massanutten Mountain were in a position to view battles and movements in three counties throughout the Civil War.

The terrain explains why some of the largest and most significant battles of the Valley’s 1862 and 1864 campaigns occurred within sight of Signal Knob.

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This Giveaway is closed as of 11/3/07 1:30pm EST. 

It’s time for the huge Fall Giveaway hosted by Shannon at her Bloggy Review.  As of this post there were almost 500 bloggers giving things away.  For Free!

fallyall.jpgFor my Giveaway I have a Precious Moments Nativity Figurine Set.  It is still in the original shrink wrap so I’m assuming it’s okay.  It has 10 pieces in the set.

Just leave a comment to enter and I will pick a winner on Saturday, November 3, 2007.  I will e-mail the winner and announce your name on my blog. 

You don’t have to be a blogger to enter.

I’m going to go for broke and open my giveaway to anyone world wide that can receive mail.

To see many other participants just click on the Fall Y’all Button.  I was the 414th blogger to enter!  They are all open to non-bloggers and bloggers.


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On November 21 and December 21 I am giving away a book.  To enter that follow this link.

Thanks for visiting.  I’m off to enter some giveaways.

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It’s Friday and time for Show and Tell again!  To see more Show & Tell’s visit There is No Place Like Home. 


My parents picked this table up for free in 2005.  They gave it to us and we have been using it since then, but I always kept a tablecloth over it.

Recently the tablecloth got beat up and I had to throw it away.  Since I don’t have another we were just using the table plain.table-bleached.jpg

This prompted my husband to refinish the table top.  He bleached it, sanded it, and recoated it.

Today he brought it back to the dining room and put the leg back on it.  It only took a week.  He pointed out all the places he had messed up and where he couldn’t get the deep scratches out; but I still think it’s much nicer, don’t you?  It makes me not want to put food on it. 😉



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It’s not horse sense.  It’s horse gossip.








I couldn’t decide which one so I put all three. 🙂

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Vacation Slide Show

My first slide show!  It was fun.  Hope you like it too. 

Captions will pop up if you slide your mouse and click on the picture.

Just so you know – we do have pictures with the kids faces.  I don’t post them on the web at all.  Didn’t want you to think we are totally helpless at taking pictures. 😉

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First Book Winner

img_5948.jpgThe Winner of the book titled Texas by Debra White Smith is Arlene at Ever Joyful.  Congrats to you!  I sent an e-mail to the address that you left with your comment.

Thanks to all of you that entered!  The contest for To Catch a Thief and Christmas Dreams is still open.  Just go to the original post here and leave a comment.

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TT Trees


You Know You’re A Mother of Little Ones When…

  1. You double knot your own shoes out of habit.
  2. Watching the garbage truck is a major weekly event.
  3. You don’t go anywhere without cups/bottles of drink.
  4. Babysitters are on your list of most important people.
  5. You scope out any place you go for the closest restroom.
  6. Dancing is classified as going around in circles in the living room.
  7. You build up mowing & trimming the grass so they will go watch Daddy & leave you alone.
  8. Fire trucks were never this exciting.
  9. You go shopping just to look at the displays.
  10. A lot of kids at a restaurant is a good sign.
  11. You look forward to nap time and bed time.
  12. You answer approximately 60 questions per hour.
  13. You blog just to have adult conversation.

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