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New Year and New Site

I’ve moved to my own .com!


Please update your links, favorites, etc.


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Kelli is hosting a “Giving Thanks Celebration” at her blog. She said:

Let’s take these next six days (Monday-Saturday) to prepare our hearts and homes for this wonderful time of year.

She has invited any bloggers to join her. If you want to meet some other participants click on the graphic at the top of this post.

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Twelve Twenty Two’s To Be Thankful for on Tuesday

  1. Two Hands
  2. Two Eyes
  3. Two Ears*
  4. Two Feet*
  5. Two Trees in my yard*
  6. Two Machines to clean clothes* [* these 4 pictured]
  7. Two Cell Phones – my husband’s and mine give us instant communication
  8. Two Girls of my own
  9. Two Doors on my house
  10. Two Vehicles to drive
  11. Two Temperatures of running water – hot and cold
  12. Two Contacts to help me see
  13. Two Sets of Parents who are grandparents to my children
  14. Two Ways to heat food – stove and microwave
  15. Two Swings in our yard
  16. Two Dressers full of clothes in my room and two in the girls’ room
  17. Two Couches in the living room
  18. Two Machines to make clothes look nice – sewing machine and iron with board
  19. Two Computers so I can blog while my man is checking e-mail
  20. Two Minutes to myself [even though it’s half an hour it feels like two minutes]

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TT Trees


You Know You’re A Mother of Little Ones When…

  1. You double knot your own shoes out of habit.
  2. Watching the garbage truck is a major weekly event.
  3. You don’t go anywhere without cups/bottles of drink.
  4. Babysitters are on your list of most important people.
  5. You scope out any place you go for the closest restroom.
  6. Dancing is classified as going around in circles in the living room.
  7. You build up mowing & trimming the grass so they will go watch Daddy & leave you alone.
  8. Fire trucks were never this exciting.
  9. You go shopping just to look at the displays.
  10. A lot of kids at a restaurant is a good sign.
  11. You look forward to nap time and bed time.
  12. You answer approximately 60 questions per hour.
  13. You blog just to have adult conversation.

Click the graphic to go to the Thursday Thirteen Hub.

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This is part 2.  Here is the link to part one.

 These are the rest of the skirts I wore this week.  I didn’t really do favorites – just the usual.  Most of my favorite skirts are winter ones; I like the fake suede and velvet skirts I have.


The yellow flowered is a work skirt.  When I needed separates for nursing after baby number three I cut down a worn dress into a skirt.  The patch pockets on it come in handy.

For church on Wed. I wore the light tan with blue flowers. 

On Friday my husband and I went shopping in the morning, I sewed through the afternoon, and in the evening we went to a kids birthday party so the green/blue skirt with pink and yellow flowers worked out well.

The navy on the right is actually one of my split skirts that I wear for biking and various other things.  It is a type of denim, but has flowers that make it more feminine. [Here’s an aside – I try to limit the number of times I wear denim.  There is nothing wrong with wearing denim.  My husband wears denim a lot; so I like to wear softer materials to be more feminine. ]

This last skirt is one of my Sunday skirts.  It is comfortable, fun, and looks nice – who can beat that!  To prove the fun part I included one of me “twirling.”


Well, it was interesting to try to remember to take the pictures of my skirts, but I don’t think I’ll do it again soon.  A couple times I “cheated” and put them back on the next day for the picture.  Kudos to my husband for being the man behind the camera.

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