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When I was a little girl I loved to have the Raggedy Ann stories read to me until I could read them myself.

My Mom got a pattern for a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll and I was going to have my very own. Except it just didn’t happen. There was always something else to sew like culottes and Easter dresses.

This year I asked if I could have the doll pieces and I rescued Raggedy Ann from the sewing room instead of the attic. There is enough material cut out and pieces started to make 2 Ann dolls and one Andy.


I think that my oldest sister [correct me if I’m wrong] embroidered the faces and hearts on years ago.

To make a long story short I finished up a Raggedy Ann doll with a red dress for my 3 year old for Christmas. I kind of just wanted to keep her for myself, but I figured that just wasn’t practical.

As an aside – the blue flowered material in the above picture is more authentic and what I had insisted on as a little girl. Look at a Raggedy Ann book. She usually wears a blue dress. As a little girl I was quite adamant that she be made just like the book. As a mother getting ready for Christmas I used the dress that was already cut out.


There is the finished 25 inch doll being held by my 3 year old who is not much taller. If you see me cuddling the doll now and then or picking her off the floor and smoothing her out you will know why.


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