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It’s Friday again! To see more Show & Tell’s visit Kelli’s blog called There is no place like home.

When I was a little girl I loved to have the Raggedy Ann stories read to me until I could read them myself.

My Mom got a pattern for a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll and I was going to have my very own. Except it just didn’t happen. There was always something else to sew like culottes and Easter dresses.

This year I asked if I could have the doll pieces and I rescued Raggedy Ann from the sewing room instead of the attic. There is enough material cut out and pieces started to make 2 Ann dolls and one Andy.


I think that my oldest sister [correct me if I’m wrong] embroidered the faces and hearts on years ago.

To make a long story short I finished up a Raggedy Ann doll with a red dress for my 3 year old for Christmas. I kind of just wanted to keep her for myself, but I figured that just wasn’t practical.

As an aside – the blue flowered material in the above picture is more authentic and what I had insisted on as a little girl. Look at a Raggedy Ann book. She usually wears a blue dress. As a little girl I was quite adamant that she be made just like the book. As a mother getting ready for Christmas I used the dress that was already cut out.


There is the finished 25 inch doll being held by my 3 year old who is not much taller. If you see me cuddling the doll now and then or picking her off the floor and smoothing her out you will know why.


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I know that I’ve skipped Show & Tell for a couple weeks. Please forgive me, and check out our snowman!


Complete with 2 mulch eyes on his lopsided head, 3 buttons, a nut stolen from the squirrels for his nose, 2 small stick arms, and 2 larger stick legs; he is our first snowman of this winter. I didn’t feel like explaining to my son that snowmen don’t usually have legs…

The kids all helped and they love him. In fact, they wanted me to stay outside and build “a whole family.”


For more Show & Tell Participants click the graphic and head to Kelli’s blog.

Yes, my Christmas tree is still bare. I was outside making a snowman.

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It’s Friday and time for Show and Tell again!  To see more Show & Tell’s visit There is No Place Like Home. 


My parents picked this table up for free in 2005.  They gave it to us and we have been using it since then, but I always kept a tablecloth over it.

Recently the tablecloth got beat up and I had to throw it away.  Since I don’t have another we were just using the table plain.table-bleached.jpg

This prompted my husband to refinish the table top.  He bleached it, sanded it, and recoated it.

Today he brought it back to the dining room and put the leg back on it.  It only took a week.  He pointed out all the places he had messed up and where he couldn’t get the deep scratches out; but I still think it’s much nicer, don’t you?  It makes me not want to put food on it. 😉



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show&tellIt’s Friday and time for Show & Tell. It is hosted by Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home. You can visit other participants by clicking on the Show & Tell graphic.

This is the engagement picture of my husband and I taken in fall/winter of 1997. memory-frame.JPGI purchased a 10 x 13 frame for an 8 x 10 photo and put mementos of our engagement around the photo.

At the bottom left is a picture of my first bouquet and the actual card that came with the flowers. Going clockwise is a rose petal, the title of a Chamber Choir we went to see, a bowling pass, part of the program from a dinner theatre, the Blockbuster logo [we watched videos a lot], ticket stubs from a play, more rose petals, a cut out from our first church sweetheart banquet, a picture of the Easter basket he gave me, another rose petal, the ticket stub from a local high school play, one more ticket stub, and across the bottom is the top of the fudge box that my engagement ring was hidden in.

Can you tell what we liked? No sports tickets…it was over winter anyway.

This hangs in my bedroom and reminds me of the first good times we had together. I could tell you lots more stories based on the things in the frame, but I’ll leave you hanging for now.

P.S. My hair is nothing like that right now; and he has a flat top. 😉

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Hello!  It’s Friday once again.  Time for Show & Tell.  Kelli from There is No Place Like Home is the host, and you can visit more participants by clicking on the graphic to the left.

 Today my show and tell is my beanie baby collection.  Is it any beanie baby?  No, only the bird ones.

It’s not a huge collection – there are 22 stuffed fowl on the top of my shelf.  Most were gifts to me; I only purchased 3 for myself from a yard sale.


Yes, I like birds and they are incorporated in decorations around my house.

I think that the stuffed Ty birds are colorful and cheery.  So do my kids, but I don’t let them play with these. 😉

Thanks for visiting.

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On my birthday in December of 1996 I received my first bouquet of roses. That day there were six petalspink sweetheart roses, mixed with baby’s breath, tied with a pink ribbon, put in a glass vase, and delivered to my door. The card said To You, From Me; and I knew right away who it was from.

It was a happy day! That bouquet selfishly stayed in my room until the petals fell from the stems. Even then I saved some of the petals. They now reside in a glass jar in my living room.

That’s my show and tell for this week. Click the Show & Tell graphic for more participants.

The guy who sent them to me? He’s my husband of nine and a half years.

P.S.  You can see a small picture of the bouquet in this post.

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I vaguely remember show and tell from K-5 and First Grade.  One time I took my gigantic pink stuffed bear.  Her name was Miss Pinky and I had won her from VBS.  I don’t have her anymore, but I would like to join in with Kelli’s show and tell from There is no Place Like Home.  Click the logo to visit other sites that are participating.

bird clockToday I would like to show you my bird clock.  My husband and I saw this in Wal-mart the first year we were married and he told me to buy it.  I’m so glad that I listened to him!

This clock is from the Audobon Society.  A bird song goes off each hour on the hour.  For instance, the owl hoots at 12:00, the woodpecker rat-a-tat-tats at 4:00, the goose honks at 5:00, the robin sings at 7:00…

A very nice feature is the light sensor above the owl’s head.  The darker it is the quieter the bird song will be.  It doesn’t chirp at night unless we are up late with the light on; then we quickly put our hand over it or turn out the light so the kids don’t hear it.

I like having a sound to tell me when the hour is.  I also use the sounds with my children: when the owl hoots it is lunch time, or I’ll tell them that they can play such-and-such until the bird clock goes off, etc.

Sometimes when people are here they say, “What was that?”  I reply, “What did you hear?”  They say, “It sounded like a bird.”  “Oh, that’s my bird clock.”  “Your what?” 🙂  I don’t notice it half the time anymore.

Well, that’s my first show and tell.  Have a great day!

Edited:  It doesn’t bother us here at all; we are quite used to it.  There are 2 battery sections so we could just have the clock work without the bird calls. 

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