It’s finished! Now if the kids will just leave the ornaments on.

Just for the record – I am not one of those mothers that rearranges the tree after the kids go to bed. I leave the ornaments where the kids hung them; no matter how un-perfect it looks. This was a big step for me, and I’m okay now. Except for that itch to just move one of those on the bottom of the tree. There are five of the same kind in a row…really…they would look better spread out…that is where the 3 year old managed to put some on by herself…she was quite proud of it…don’t move them…don’t move them…don’t move them…


I know that I’ve skipped Show & Tell for a couple weeks. Please forgive me, and check out our snowman!


Complete with 2 mulch eyes on his lopsided head, 3 buttons, a nut stolen from the squirrels for his nose, 2 small stick arms, and 2 larger stick legs; he is our first snowman of this winter. I didn’t feel like explaining to my son that snowmen don’t usually have legs…

The kids all helped and they love him. In fact, they wanted me to stay outside and build “a whole family.”


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Yes, my Christmas tree is still bare. I was outside making a snowman.


[That poor curtain – I really need to get a different type of rod.]

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Did I scare ya?

I did online shopping – which I much prefer – and picked up things at yard sales and such; but yesterday was the first day that I purposely went to the store with a list of presents to buy.

It isn’t even December!

BK [before kids] I was starting to do a little better with shopping…

My first child was born December 8, 2002, so that Christmas was very low key.

Since then the Christmas celebration at our house has changed. Both ways were good – just different.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our emphasis on this holiday being Christ’s birthday. The second thing is that it is not just about getting.

When the kids were at the store with me today I made sure they knew that we were not buying anything for them. They helped pick out presents for others.

Now we have to wait and see if they can keep the presents a secret.

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I can play Christmas music now!  Woo-hoo!  Can you hear it?

The first year I was married I played Christmas music a week or two before Thanksgiving.  My husband quickly set me straight.  In his our house we will wait until after the fourth Thursday in November to play Christmas music.  Although, I have snuck it in June occasionally with no terrible consequences.

So, I’m off to change CD’s.  In fact, I wrote this post ahead of time and post stamped it so I could go right for the music.

Have a wonderful, musical day!

img_5948.jpgThe winner of the book titled To Catch a Thief is Julie at Joyful Days. Congrats to you!  I sent an e-mail to the address that you left with your comment.

My husband has been my random number generator for this contest. 😉

Thanks to all of you that entered!  The contest for Christmas Dreams is still open.  Just go to the original post here and leave a comment.